Living on the edge!

Life surrounded by good friends and epic waves. Enjoy the ride with us.

Born in Chareston South Carolina to an Airforce family we moved  across this fine country. We settled in Northern Virginia were I surfed up and down the east coast with my friends, from our epic surfing trips to just hanging on the beach having bonfires.  Since then the lifestyle has never left me. I always wanted to start a company with my family where I can share the passion and create memories  about the beach with my wife and two young boys.  We dedicate our time to make sure that future generations can experience the lifestyle that we love so much. Palmetto Board Company will donate a portion of its profits to preserving the beach.  

Since the launch we have:
Shirts, Hats, Polos and Lady tank tops.

Future Plans: SurfBoards, Paddle Boards and more.